The Primogenitor WIP

I am currently working on a warband & terrain box for Ironsleet’s “The Primogenitor” narrative community project.  The Primogenitor is focused on terrain interaction, I have been super inspired by Nicholas Grillet’s display boxes, so I thought I’d try a similar thing myself!  So I acquired a hollow book box and am using it to build Inquisitor Ichoros’ laboratory aboard the Primogenitor.  The thing I’m most excited about with this project is that once it is finished, I can put the models in the box, close the box, and put it on a bookshelf.  It’s got built in storage!


Every time I explain Inquisitor Ichoros’ plan, people tell me it’s a terrible plan, and I agree.  He’s a crazy person.  He is a radical Ordo Xenos Inquisitor who has discovered that Hive Fleet Charybdis is headed directly toward densely populated space and will arrive in just a few decades.  So he concocted a plan to infect (and hopefully kill) the hive fleet using a vat-grown brood of genestealer hybrids.  Where better to acquire genestealer genetic material than aboard a Space Hulk?  His brood is devoted to Nurgle so that they carry the vilest and most infectious plagues.  He will use the plagues of Nurgle to destroy the Tyranid hive fleet.

So Ichoros has lived aboard the Primogenitor for the past several years conducting his experiments and creating his brood of infected hybrids.  They are fiercely devoted to him, viewing him as their brood father.  They carry out raids within the space hulk collecting materials and captives, as well as spreading their plagues to earn the favor of Grandfather Nurgle.

The catwalks are made out of plastic canvas (also apparently known as granny grating).  I used zip ties to create the delineations on the walls and floors.  One of my fun finds (I thought) was the puffy sports-ball stickers that I turned into windows and displays.  The hanging cables are made from hemp twine, and the doors are old hotel room keycards and so forth.

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