This is a collection of unofficial Warmachine/Hordes warscrolls for use in Warhammer: Age of Sigmar.  Battletomes include warscrolls for a basic selection of units, warjacks/beasts, and warcaster, allegiance abilities, and points.  I will update this post as I add to or improve the warscrolls and get feedback.

Cryx Battletome V.0 (Created 4/17/2021)

Menoth Battletome V.0 (Created 5/4/2020)

Skorne Battletome V.0 (Created 5/4/2020)

A few notes regarding these documents:

1) Version 0 compendiums have not yet been field tested.  If you do test them out and feel like leaving me feedback so I can fix mistakes and re-balance if necessary, please leave me a comment, I’d love to hear how they’re doing.

2) I’m sure these are riddled with typos.  I do my best, but I’ll still probably forget to mention that a unit has Halberds or accidentally refer to Skyhammer Rockets as Flamethrowers or something.  Feel free to leave a comment if you find something like that.

3) If you decide to print these, I recommend doing them four to a page in landscape, it makes nice little warscrolls that are pretty convenient for use during battle.

4) This is solely a not-for-profit fan activity and in no way intends to infringe on copyrights held by Games Workshop or Privateer Press (only to have fun with their awesome stories and models!).


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