Primaris Astartes: First Wave

In response to receiving many messages requesting Primaris warscrolls, I’m getting back on the 40k warscrolls project after a long pause. Today, I’ve added the first wave Primaris to the downloads page, so you can find them right here.

The first wave includes mainly units that were in the original Primaris release. So you’ll find warscrolls for Primaris Captain, Primaris Chaplain, Intercessors, Reivers, Inceptors, Hellblasters, and Eradicators.

My fan-made Primaris warscrolls are designed to be used as a coherent army all by themselves. So while Primaris can be included in an Imperium Astartes army, firstborn marines cannot be fielded in a Primaris Astartes army (as in, they cannot benefit from the Primaris Astartes Battle Traits, carry their Artefacts, and so forth).

Some things you won’t find in the downloads section just yet are: Command Traits, Artefacts, and points costs. Please note that the points costs are the sketchiest part of my already sketchy homebrewed rules, but I haven’t quite addressed them for the Primaris Astartes, so just use your best judgement for now 🙂

To continue to give myself a kick towards getting back on the 40k warscrolls train, here are a few previews of other things that have been in the works for a long time that I’ll be trying to make happen in the grim darkness of the not-so-distant future.

So anyhow, I make no promises, but I do plan to continue Primaris by focusing on the Indomitus box (already underway), and finally the Phobos armoured guys. Then, after that, it’s on to Custodes and Lost & Damned (with a focus on the Rogue Trader and Blackstone Fortress minis).

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