28Mag Challenge: Female Space Marines

Lady Lacrymosa had already completed the recruitment process to become a Lamenters space marine by the time they realized she was a woman. While normally, this would result in immediate expulsion from the program, she caught the eye of an Inquisitor who gave her the option to undertake the risky process of becoming an Astartes, with the understanding that she would very likely die in the process. She chose to go through with it and after serving with the chapter for several years was visited again by the Inquisitor who requisitioned her to his shadowy organization, fighting the enemies of the Emperor in the shadows, unsung and unknown.

The Inquisitor assigned her a partner to accompany her on clandestine missions. Perhaps due to his refined sense of irony, he paired her with a rare male warrior of the Adepta Sororitas, Brother Zachari. Together they have purged many of the Inquisition’s enemies with unflinching loyalty and zeal.

Here are some more pics of Lacrymosa. I built her for the Summer 2021 28Mag Challenge. When painting her, at first I tried using my typical Lamenters shoulder pad style, but because the shoulder pads were so bulked up it looked all wrong. So I decided to do tiny checks instead. I find that tiny checks look more grimdark than big chonky checks.

Lady Lacrymosa is made from a starter kit Reiver. I swapped her pistol for a Sternguard bolter, her dagger for a Thunder Hammer, and her head for Khagra’s head from the WHU warband. I extended her thighs and bulked up her waist with pouches (much like Brother Galliant), bulked up her shoulder pads, and bulked out her chest. I wanted her chest to be expanded and slightly feminine, but not boob armour. My biggest focus for making her feminine was her silhouette, which I worked to give her an hourglass figure.

Brother Zachari is kitbashed from Sternguard legs, a Genestealer Acolyte body, and old Space Marine arms. I used a House Cawdor haircut on a Bretonnian peasant head. His shoulder pads were constructed by cutting up a plastic drinking straw, and coating it with greenstuff.

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