The Universal Miniatures Game – Terra-28

The newest installment in the Universal Miniatures Game is here! This time, we’re exploring the gritty corners of grimdark science fiction.

The people of Terra-28 are held in the sway of an immortal emperor whom they have fashioned into a god. The Demagogues who safeguard the ancient Heretech of their people have found a new source of heretics for their torturous experiments… on the infinite Earths of the multiverse.

In Terra-28, you’ll muster a small Coven led by a cruel Demagogue. Terra-28 is built around covens of elite and varied warriors, and includes ancient and powerful heretch that they can wield.

Get the printable pdf here.

As always, if you give it a spin, I’d be very interested in hearing your thoughts! You can leave a comment here, or fill out my super brief feedback questionnaire.

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