Other Awesome Age of Sigmar Sites

NEON – The Narrative Event Organizers Network.  A great resource for narrative gaming in the Age of Sigmar and narrative event organizing.

Animosity Campaigns – An ongoing narrative hub for the Animosity Global Narrative Events.

The Great Weave – A narrative collective where you can read about other players stories, characters, and locations and submit your own to build a shared universe.

Tabletop Campaign Repository – A collection of narrative event packs and resources for Age of Sigmar (consolidating resources from numerous events and homebrews from all over the globe).

Warhammer Narratives – A fellow Narrative AoS gaming blog.

My Actual Real Life Friends 🙂

DMing With Charisma – Because DMing is a perform check!  A D&D and roleplaying gaming blog.

Laura Highcove, Writer – Laura has a degree in Computer Science, which is obviously why she’s a fantasy writer.

Joanna Roye – Author – Joanna writes literary horror and weird fiction.

Lazy Saturnday – A fellow gaming blog.